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This site is being sponsored by CNY Creators and Pinnacle International Center, a 501 C3 non profit that has an office and other facilities at the South Side Innovation Center. The President of Pinnacle is Peter Svoboda, who is also the curator of the 3rd floor Gallery/Maker and Event space  named " The Station" at the historic train station at 400 Burnet, at the corner Catherine and Burnet. Our goal is to have positive inputs in the culture and in people's lives. If you join the site you will have your own page and can have photos and connect to others. You will also receive emails and updates that may be of interest to you. IF NOT ALREADY A MEMBER JOIN BY GOING TO THE JOIN TAB. THERE IS NO COST TO JOIN.


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A place for creators,schools,art & cultural organizations,libraries,and people that want to buy local quality art,jewelry & more.


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Art Available - Gallery 1

Hope by Ron Warford, 40' x 30 " Graphite on Black Board, Framed 
Mr. Warford's work was selected by the Smithsonian Institution for a national traveling exhibition in 1973. He was one of the initial founding and teaching members at the Folk Art Gallery in Syracuse. His work spings from his imagination and is masterfully executed. Tel (315) 391-5115 for more info or to purchase. One of the presidents of a local art guild referred to Ron's work as  "master works" for their power and quality.

Strength , by Ron Warford. 20 " X 30"  

Home is Where the Hearth Is by Jaws. This piece took 600 hours. Amazingly, to produce this the artist had to put the snowflakes  in first on a white fine piece of paper and then build everything around it. Think about it - this amazing work, and other pieces of the artists work can be seen at CNY Artists Gallery, which purchased this piece in 2013.

Dream Horse by M. Smart

Peter Svoboda's Comments

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At 2:06pm on June 19, 2022, Steve Susman said…

Thanks, Peter

At 11:27pm on March 7, 2012, Laura Evelyn Marks said…

Thanks for the comment Peter. I do do more images like the Austere Figurine, well maybe not as good, because that is definitely one of my all time favorites that I have taken, but here is a link to all my other fashion/glamour images:

Fashion is my expertise I guess, but I just started taking nature and landscape images like that of the snowy wonderland. I'm slowly building up my nature portfolio for the direct purpose of having sellable images. It's really hard to sell fashion photographs, they are more commercial than fine art I guess.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!


At 10:18am on January 25, 2012, Patricia Mattison said…
Tina, Tess and I will be at the tech garden
Our business name is Baddaboombaddabing, and we are fiber artists
At 4:52am on December 23, 2011, Diana Suskind said…
Please add the information I gave you last summer. Thank you. Diana
At 4:48pm on July 14, 2011, Monica Stadalski said…
I'm working on the pillows this week...and then we're headed to Buffalo this weekend. Once the mayhem is over I'll be able to focus a little better and start getting everything together we talked about on the phone :)
At 5:32pm on May 31, 2011, huey develin said…

sure...go ahead we will split it, K?


At 6:17pm on May 29, 2011, Kristine Fox said…

Ask the risk of being all bandwagony, I wrote a book about a vampire.  Though not your usual vampire.  It's more biological based - as in if vampires really existed, and weren't fantasy-filled magical creatures, what would they be like?  Could they be at all?  Could an ape evolved to hunt other apes - with that ape becoming specialized to hunt human apes.  That's the premise.  Who would they be and how would they live.  There's also murders, and car chases, and grand fight scenes, plus a little romance because, as I was once told, all stories are love stories.  That's the basic premise.  I tired to keep it more literature than plup fiction.  You can read excerpts on my blog -

Thanks for asking!  And if you check out any of the excerpts, please do let me know what you think.  Criticism is the best way to improve! 

At 10:31pm on May 3, 2011, Diane Lange said…
Will do Peter. Thanks for all your hard work for us!
At 7:19pm on May 3, 2011, Lauren Ritchie said…
Peter,  I sent out your message to about 100 artists.  Lauren
At 10:18pm on May 2, 2011, Ellen Gerberich said…

Hi Peter,
Yes , I am a lucky lady. It was an awesome trip.

I  tried to add my MP3 clip twice and couldn't figure it out?
Any help would be welcome.

How did the show go??

I am coming into Syracuse on May 11th for the day so if you need
someone to man the store on that day for a few hours, I'm your girl.
I will be coming in first thing in the AM so let me know it sometime that day would help.

Let me know,
Thanks, Ellen

At 2:41pm on April 17, 2011, Carlene's Antiques Custom Framin said…



I can't make it next Saturday to the library for the talk on the promotions of the Arts.

I would be great full if you can put a briefing of the event on this site for those that can't make it. I'm very interested in keeping involved as much as possible.

Thank you,

Carlene Maloney

At 8:08pm on April 10, 2011, Marc Pittarelli said…

Thanks Peter!


Great opening!


At 6:36pm on April 10, 2011, John McGrath "Jaw's" said…
Great job with the show and all the hard work
At 1:28pm on March 9, 2011, Carlene's Antiques Custom Framin said…


if you know of anyone in needing a place to park mobile home, boat trailer etc

Send them my way would you? Looking to cover my lawn expense.

Thanks,  Carlene

At 11:15pm on March 3, 2011, Larry Hartle said…

Hi Peter, I sent message, a couple days ago, with CNY Woodturner info and meeting date this Tuesday. Also asked about pen club u mentioned.

Thought I would check to see if you recieved message or not. 

Didn't want you to think I had not responded to your question.

Maybe I am missing something? Site does not appear to show me a record of sent messages (Sent page like my regular email)?? So I was not sure if my message was or was not sent/got thru???


At 10:37pm on February 14, 2011, Angelo Puccia said…

Hi Peter, yes you can use it, if it relates then you know the quandary studio life can be.

I have had many spaces rented, "Promised use of" but to have a separate space to call my own is a life's dream, just wish I were younger.


At 4:29pm on February 14, 2011, Angelo Puccia said…

Thanks for creating this site.

Loneliness holds no rewards, even thou the artist may relish to be alone in his studio mastering dreams of grandeur, he has to step out to flourish in life.


Nice to meet you.

At 5:11pm on February 10, 2011, Ellen Gerberich said…

Hi Peter,

Just a quick note to let you know that the my page appearance page is not working.

Went in to do some more tweaks and try things out and it is showing odd colors(like purple) nothing that is in my page.  Just wanted you to know, I'll try again tomorrow.

Thanks for all that you are doing to help everyone,


At 8:19pm on February 6, 2011, Robin Mergenthaler said…


I am happy to be a part of this site. I know that I haven't put my paintings on yet, but I will.

I loved looking at the paintings and will come to this site as often as I can. I guess I better get busy and put my paintings up.


At 1:13pm on January 12, 2011, Mary Abraham said…
Peter, Why can I not put any more than my 16 pictures up on my site?  Thanks, Maray Abraham

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