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A place for creators,schools,art & cultural organizations,libraries,and people that want to buy local quality art,jewelry & more.


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Art Available - Gallery 1

Hope by Ron Warford, 40' x 30 " Graphite on Black Board, Framed 
Mr. Warford's work was selected by the Smithsonian Institution for a national traveling exhibition in 1973. He was one of the initial founding and teaching members at the Folk Art Gallery in Syracuse. His work spings from his imagination and is masterfully executed. Tel (315) 391-5115 for more info or to purchase. One of the presidents of a local art guild referred to Ron's work as  "master works" for their power and quality.

Strength , by Ron Warford. 20 " X 30"  

Home is Where the Hearth Is by Jaws. This piece took 600 hours. Amazingly, to produce this the artist had to put the snowflakes  in first on a white fine piece of paper and then build everything around it. Think about it - this amazing work, and other pieces of the artists work can be seen at CNY Artists Gallery, which purchased this piece in 2013.

Dream Horse by M. Smart

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My Favorite Picture

The 3 New Maji



Robert Poorman, Conceptual Artist; Ron Warford, Graphite Fine Artist, Gerina Faison, Jewelry by Gerina. Their work was at  CNY Arists Gallery in Shoppingtown.     ( Photo by Steve Nyland…


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My Art by Rose

 Hey guys! I am a local artist! I live in Oneida NY and I am a stay at home mom of four and a freelance artist I basically do illustration art. I have prints of some of my art sold on I love designing and creating. My style is very soft and sudle. I enjoy nature themed illustrations but can do any. Check me out guys!!! I will link my Threadless page and society below! Have a great day!!! Rose…


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Jewelry Classes

Basic Beading classes will be taught at the CNY Artist Gallery

If you are interested in Basic Beading, please call to make an appointment.

Straight and Narrow Bracelet, made with crystals and pearls

If you are interested in making this particular bracelet please call the number below for an appointment.

(This class is for beginners)

You do not need to be a member of CNY Artist to take a class

call 420-0678 or  391-5115 to reserve you…


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Bloody House

Hi folks,

Some here will remember me.  I've been away on some writing adventures.  I was originally involved on numerous sites, and had to cut back to concentrate on my bread and butter, my published works.  Since I've been gone, I've sold numerous poems and short stories.  Add to this a few books I've had published recently as well as all of the Editing I've been doing on other writer's short stories and Novellas.  My book cover work is advancing too.…


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Lake George 2012

Just back from our week at a cabin rented on Lake George.  Brought one primed board to paint, anticipating that it would take awhile.  I knew what I was going to do, and finished the first day. Had to find a Walmart with canvases, even though I hate painting on canvas and didn't have references for another painting.  The landscape is completely out of my comfort zone, and the centered flag bothers me, but there it is. Also did a lot of swimming and finished 4 books. Have to love vacation!…


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About me

Hello, I just wanted to add a short summary about me as an artist. In December of 2011 I received my Associate's (Art: Drawing and Painting) Degree at OCC. I enjoy (mostly abstract & acrylic) painting, making crafts such as jewelry, decorations, scrap booking and handmade greeting cards. I enjoy using oil pastels and making sketches of faeries/fantasy art. I enjoy photography for fun, but I do not…


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My current website/page :)

Most of the photos and artwork are used for greeting cards that I create :)

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Making Up Edith Wharton

Making Up Edith Wharton

From New York book Review by

Francine Prose

Edith Wharton, detail from publicity photograph, c.…


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The Story of how the Delightful Devas are Made

The Delightful Devas came about in an interesting way.  Being a long time quilter, specializing in a technique called applique, I longed to break out and do something different.  So one day I just started drawing and these little beings appeared on the paper.  Then I decided to applique them from fabric, as you would for a quilt.

My husband caught sight of them and really wanted to do a…


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About me.

I noticed that even though there is some basic information on each of our pages on, there still is some info I like sharing with people. Some about my art, some about me. So here it is.

I live (currently) in Syracuse (this might change to Cicero shortly), but I'm not from Syracuse. I grew up on the west coast. I've been drawing since I was little and the only art classes I've had were the few in preschool, middle school, and high school. I inherited my artistic…


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New year

So, it's 2012. Where did 2011 go to? It's time to start getting ready for upcoming events. I worked on a few commissions in November and December, but didn't feel really inspired to do new drawings of my own. I figured while I'm in my New Years slump I'd update my CNY Artists page since it's been sitting here since November without any progress.

I uploaded a few of my drawings. Some were commissions, and some were my own. I didn't know what to put in the description line, so I left it…


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Winter has begun and this is the time to keep the woodstove and my creativity going.   Time to experiment with different materials and stock up for shows in the spring and for my etsy page.  I have  a stock of jars to cover and have ideas I want to explore.   I have some things I want to try on my serger but the tention s all messed up and I need to spend time with that machine or take it to someone...who will just want to sell me a new one, which I can't afford.   Going to try to call…


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Billboard at Teal

This is a picture of our billboard at Teal

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Some Pics & Video of Gallery


Peter Svoboda is preparing a work area where an artist

will work on a 4 by 5 foot painting


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Liverpool Library Show and new website

I have a collection of limited edition giclee prints and original paintings on display and for sale at Liverpool Public Library from November 1 - 30.  


Also, I was selected as one of 25 American artists to be part of a new international art website.

Check it out. 

my page: …


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A Noble Dog

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Y Arts Gallery announces new exhibit

Michael Ackerman is currently showing at the Y Arts Community Gallery. C'mon by and check out his work.

The Gallery is located in the East Area Family YMCA in Fayetteville, at 200 Towne Drive.

Hours: Monday - Friday 5:30 am - 10:00 pm; Saturdays 5:30 am - 9:00 pm; Sundays 8:00 am - 7:00 pm.

The Gallery is open to YMCA members and non-members.…


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Call for Artists

The Y Arts Community Gallery is currently booking for 2012.

January/February and September/October are already booked . All other months are open. Each show runs for 2 months. I can feature one artist or a small group of artists. Contact me for more information.…


Added by Joan Applebaum on October 30, 2011 at 10:05am — 6 Comments

Two New Websites!

After months of tweaking and learning, I have finally launched my website -  Judith Hand Watermedia

My motivation was my 50th (gasp!) college reunion last weekend.  I wanted to be able to hand out cards, so I could possibly get hits from all over the country - we'll see...


The other site was a real quickie - Art Mart

It took me two (long) days to…


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